Do I need GlucoRx Voyager for Windows or iOS/Android

If you have a Bluetooth enabled GlucoRx or GRx Diagnostics device, then Voyager for iOS or Android is required. Data can be analysed on the Voyager app or on the web portal Voyager

If your Glucorx device is USB only, then GlucoRx Voyager for Windows is required to transfer your readings to the portal. Readings can also be analysed on the iOS or Android Voyager app – both use the same log in.

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Download GlucoRx Voyager for iOS, Android or Windows, click Create account and complete the registration form.
The for security reasons the password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and at least one special character !@#$%^&*()+=?

You will receive an email asking to verify your email is correct.

After verification, you can use the email address and password you created to log in.