Nexus Blue Meter

GlucoRx Nexus Blue is a sleek, all-round blood glucose meter with Bluetooth® connectivity for easy data tracking in diabetes management.

Key features include no coding, 0.5µL blood volume for a reaction in 5 seconds, before/after (AC/PC) tagging, AST, ketone warning, strip ejection, large non-deletable memory, day averages, alarm reminders and discreet testing for those seeking stress-free, fast, precise and reliable measurements. Bluetooth compatible with the GlucoRx Voyager App for iOS and Android.

Open the GlucoRx Voyager app press devices and the + button.

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Press the grey button on the GlucoRx Nexus Blue meter, the meter will turn on. Press and hold the grey button, the meter will turn of and enter pairing mode. Accept the prompt.
To import readings find the GRx Nexus Blue Meter in your device list, tap “Import Readings” and follow the on screen instructions.